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Memories of the cold war have been raised from the dead this week with the confirmation from Russian officials they are testing an energy gun that would essentially turn people into zombies. The "psychotronic" gun would not only inflict pain but also attack the central nervous system leaving enemies scrambled.
Read this handy guide so you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse. First, know the different types of zombies you may encounter. Second, learn what happens after a zombie bite. Lastly, find out what supplies you need at home for your very own survival kit.
Zombie movies almost always work. Maybe because they are a perfect metaphor for our latent fear of civilization's disintegration. Or they're just good at playing up our repulsion of the icky-yicky that is the inside of our bodies. Whatever the reason, we're fascinated with all-things-zombie. For example, the blog-o-nets were recently all abuzz with a real-life-creepy scientific paper regarding "zombie caterpillars." Specifically, the report detailed how a virus infects a gypsy moth caterpillar's brain and forces the insect to climb to the top of a tree and remain there (a healthy moth will only ascend at night). The virus then "melts" the poor creature into a drippy goop that litters the forest floor to infect more unfortunate victims. It's part Body Snatchers, part Living Dead — and real. But this oozing zombie moth is far from the only example from the annals of science that feature once-living creatures that still mange to lurk about. Here, we present some strange, but true examples that might only be described as the living dead. Or the dead living. Whatever--it's freaky real zombie stuff. WARNING: If you are a squeamish person do NOT watch any videos linked or embedded in this post, but feel free to read on--words won't damage you. Too much.