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We know there are are plenty of things you like about DVICE already, but there are also some things you'd like to improve. Well, now's the time to tell us what's working and what isn't, because we're about to make some changes around here. And we want to make sure they're the changes YOU want to see.
Project Phoenix is DARPA's plan to use robots in orbit to pilfer the functional bits off of dead satellites to create working ones. It's one of the crazier ideas DARPA's put out there (in a while), and the agency looks...
Since it was first announced, the fervor over the Ouya console has been crazy. Like over $5 million worth of crazy. Now, Ouya has secured its first exclusive game, one that comes from a video game industry heavyweight and is all about zombies.
Back in October, we posted about a program DARPA has been working on to rip apart dead satellites and harvest their organs to make new(er) satellites. It seemed more than a little crazy, but the program is now moving forward, with DARPA holding industry conferences and putting down millions of dollars on the idea.