youtube stories

Google's popular YouTube site is not only an unqualified success with tens of millions of views per day, it has also become an integral part of American popular culture. Now the site aims to empower its users with yet another tool that may set it apart from the competition.
I will admit to being a 3D skeptic; I think it's a gimmick driven by hardware manufacturers trying to trick people into thinking their perfectly fine TVs, computers and phones need to be replaced. But hey, maybe I'm just jaded! If so, this news about 3D YouTube is pretty exciting.
Most thieves are pretty stupid, but it takes a special type of stupid to steal a laptop from a tech geek, and then use it without taking any precautions like wiping the hard drive. Especially if you decide the best way to test out your illicit loot is by recording yourself dancing (badly) to Tyga's Make it Rain.
This may look like your standard-issue unboxing video of the Nexus S at first, but it quickly becomes much more than that. Hey, how did those ninjas get out of the video??
If you're on the hunt for new YouTube videos, here's the cure to your fruitless searches. Karen Kavett, a graphic-design student at the Rhode Island School of Design, created this elaborate infographic to help people find YouTube channels they'll love. Just start at the middle by choosing Vlogger, Musician or Someone Else and see where her questions take you.