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This seaplane sailboat hybrid designed by Yelken Octuri seats four and looks pretty neat too. I particularly like the orange wings/sails that fold horizontally in "Plane mode" and vertically in "Boat mode." Best of all, Yelken's creation has already made it off the design tables, so you might even catch this one in action.
Yachts are a popular way for extraordinarily rich people to rub how much richer they are than just regularly rich people into their faces. Costing tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, they're essentially mansions that float. But what do you do when you want to rub yacht owners' noses in your even greater wealth? You turn that yacht into a submarine, naturally.
Russian Roman Abramovich is a billionaire. That means he gets to buy ridiculously luxuries, from fast cars to posh estates and $52,000 lunches. He owns a Boeing 767 called "The Bandit," and now he owns a 557-foot mega-yacht, the "Eclipse,"...