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Stop cramming your friends into that tiny studio apartment for parties. It's time to upgrade. Sure Hyun-Seok Kim's design is just a concept (for now), but it makes us land dwellers yearn for a mega-yacht of our very own. Complete with a hot tub, indoor garden, luxury pool and golf green, the Voronoi was definitely designed with fun in mind.
We love this futuristic yacht concept by designer Hyun-Seok Kim. A winner of the 2011 "Dreamboat" Millennium Yacht Design Award, this baby has some features you don't get on just any old yacht — starting with its distinctly spaceship-esque quality. Take a peek at the gallery below for more shots of Hyun-Seok Kim's winning design.
Having trouble deciding between an RV and a house boat? Well, you're in luck, because the Terrawind is an amphibious vehicle that can transition effortlessly from land to sea. But be prepared to spend a lot on your custom cruiser...
Most ultra-luxury yachts come with a vehicle called a tender that you can use to move around once you get to port. Most of the time it's a much smaller boat or a motorcycle, or in rare cases a small car. The Strand Craft 166 looks to up the ante, by coming with its own hide-away supercar that can get you from the port to your villa in style.