xbox stories

With all the talk about a next-gen Xbox rising to the surface, it's only fitting that Joseph Dumary, designer of the PlayStation concept took a stab at conceptualizing Microsoft's next console. It's quite a wild imagining, even specs will definitely not make the cut for the 360's successor, but imaginative nonetheless.
Despite the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 having been out for longer than previous generations' lifespans, they've still got some life in them yet. A new report states that Microsoft is planning a next-generation console launch for sometime in 2013.
Late one balmy night toward the end of August, Eric had only seconds to live. Two males that he identified as Russians had forcefully entered his house, shot his son dead and scattered military-grade Claymore mines all across his lawn. In that moment, a barricaded bedroom door and a text to 911 were his only hopes at seeing another sunrise.