xbox 360 stories

Video on DVICE is something we've been hard at work quietly improving, and we're happy to announce that DVICE is now on Xbox Live. It's a huge leap for us to have our videos on Microsoft's platform and we couldn't be any prouder. If you're an Xbox Live Gold member, go download that SyFy video app and start watching our tech videos!
Motion control gaming really has grown into its own shoes over the last couple of years. Nintendo's Wii jump-started the trend and Sony and Microsoft arguably improved on the formula with their own solutions: the more accurate PlayStation Move, and controller-less Kinect. Released quietly with little marketing blitz, Microsoft's Wireless Speed Wheel (WSW) is a motion controller that most people have never even heard of. If Move is an advanced version of the Wii Remote, then the WSW is a turbo-charged Wii Wheel. Does the WSW one-up the Wii Wheel, or is it just another piece of plastic that nobody asked for, but Microsoft's selling anyway? Find out in our test-drive.