WTF stories

Most Americans find toilet talk to be kind of embarrassing, but in South Korea they take their toilets very seriously. To celebrate this national fascination, the Korean city of Suwon has just opened the Restroom Cultural Park, which they claim to be the world's first toilet based theme park.
If artist Mads Peitersen ran the world, I wouldn't be telling you about the iPad Mini, but instead the new bioPhone 5, with a dual-valve processor and twice the intestinal track length of previous generations. Also, Apple now covers cracked bioPhone ribs under Apple Care. It's a bold new world!
You probably haven't received a text message from a cow lately. If you had, you could be in for an (unpleasant?) surprise. The new system, developed for the immense Swiss dairy industry, lets farmers maintain a direct SMS connection with a device implanted into a cow's genitals.
Helium. It's colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert, and useful in everything from better hard drives to laser fusion power. Given these incredibly handy properties and helium's finite supply on Earth, scientists really wish we'd all stop wasting it in balloons already.
There it was, going about its business at 5,000 feet below the surface, terrorizing the other deep-sea creatures when all of a sudden it was caught on camera by an ROV. It tries to scuttle out of the picture like Bigfoot on a bad hair day, but that ROV operator stays with it.
The TSA caused an uproar recently when it confiscated what is known as a "cupcake in a jar." Stick with me now as this is where the story gets funky: according to the TSA it has nothing against cupcakes in general, just this special cupcake stuffed into a jar. In this format it violated to three-ounce limit for carry on liquids or gels.