windows phone 8 stories

We love drooling over the latest Lumia or Droid or iPhone, but we tend to forget about the low-end of the smartphone market. Nokia's latest effort, the Lumia 620, is aimed squarely at the developing world. The Windows Phone 8-equipped device has quite a bit of value packed in, especially for just $250 off-contract.
Microsoft is the secret owner of a powerful ecosystem. "Secret," because until now the company has done very little to get its various products to talk to one another. Today Microsoft is taking a promising step forward, announcing that Windows Phone 8 will be designed from the ground up to natively interact with Windows 8 when both launch later this year. Alongside this deep integration, with Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is pushing a redesigned Metro homescreen that allows for more user control, a SIM-based mobile wallet and a built-in mapping solution that isn't Google Maps.