Windows Phone stories

In a column earlier this week, my DVICE stablemate Raymond Wong posited that the Nokia Lumia 710 running Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" and due to go on sale on January 11 from T-Mobile is the wrong phone with the wrong OS from the wrong carrier for Nokia and Microsoft to use as a fiundation to begin their comeback in the smartphone market. Sorry, Ray, I beg to differ. I think the Lumia is the right phone at the right price with the right carrier, or at least a necessary calculated risk by Microsoft and Nokia to make headway in a market dominated by iOS and Android. Oh, and the photo of the Lumia 710 accompanying Raymond's editorial? It's not a photo of the Lumia 710 T-Mobile will sell — there won't be an all-white version. Only an all-black and black with a white frame. But I digress.
Did you like the look of Nokia's N9, but wanted to hold out for a phone with Windows Phone OS on board? Well, you'll be a fan of the newly leaked "Sea Ray," which is essentially the N9 with Microsoft's mobile OS on board.