wind power stories

Some gadgets still require you to use AA batteries, like a Wii or Xbox 360 controller or a cheap digital camera. Wouldn't it be handy to not have to pop rechargeable batteries into a charger and wait for it to juice up? A new battery design concept would eliminate the wait time by letting you wind up the battery to recharge it.
Two Germans — engineer Stefan Simmerer and TV host Dirk Gion — recently set out on an epic 18-day road trip that saw them traveling over 3,000 miles across Australia. The coolest part? They did it in a vehicle powered only by a kite and wind turbine and broke three world records in the process.
There's an old viaduct system in Italy — which is basically an elevated highway or railway — that officials there thought would cost too much to demolish to make it worth it. Instead, they put out a call on how to modernize it. One idea? Install dozens of wind turbines along its length.