wind stories

Scotland, being awesome, is putting some serious effort into eventually sourcing 100% of its energy from renewable sources. Seeing as the weather up there is often blustery enough to blow your kilt up around your ears, wind energy seems like a safe enough bet, and the Scots are getting a giant new wind turbine that comes with its own helipad.
Every once in a while a weird watch comes out that's practically impossible to read (i.e. Tokyo Flash watches), but Julien Moïse's Eole watch concept is just quirky enough it doesn't hinder the time-telling experience. See that turbine ring on the watch's head? When blown, the watch blinks to life.
Last Sunday the people of Lincolnshire, England, awoke to discover that one of the many wind turbines on their countryside had been severely damaged. Never ones to subscribe to silly concepts like Occam's Razor, the townspeople looked at the...