Wii stories

Nintendo's elder statesman is coming down in price to $130 in order to make way for the Wii U. The new SKU packs in the seminal Wii Sports and its well-reviewed 2009 sequel, Wii Sports Resort.The Xbox is seeing a price drop too, adding games of its own to sweeten the pot.
Usually we cover future tech that will make the world a better place. Today we pause to remember a few gadgets that never should have been. We get so much joy out of our gadgets, it's no wonder we look to them for health benefits, too. Whether it's a too-good-to-be-true weight loss miracle or just a way to make fitness more fun, gadgets add some color to an exercise routine. Yet sometimes those gadgets don't live up to their claims, and sometimes their whole idea is completely inane. Here we present the 10 most ridiculous health gadgets ever.
The Nintendo Wii is a very small gaming console when put up next to a PS3 and Xbox 360. It's also very quiet and cool. Modder Angel OD couldn't find any water-cooled Wii, so he took it upon himself to be the first to make one. Here's his metallic baby.
Last week, Netflix announced that streaming video on demand to a PlayStation 3 would no longer require a special disc be sitting in the disc tray at all times. Today, the same goes for the Nintendo Wii, which also ditched the disc requirement. Progress, certainly, but why did anyone ever have to use an optical disc to access network content at all?