wi-fi stories

In-flight Wi-Fi has gone from a neat novelty to something we almost expect on any sort of long flight. But one airline is way behind the pack, and it looks like it's going to be there for a while: JetBlue. The good news is that they're planning to implement in-flight Wi-Fi, but the bad news is that it isn't going to happen until mid-2012.
So you want to stream music from your computer to another room. Congratulations, you've realized what century this is. First, you're going to need some kind of wireless receiver in that room. You could get an unnecessarily expensive system like the Sonos, or go with a cheap and easy streamer like this Orb, just $69. But, yep, there's a catch.
Sick of that Wi-Fi signal dying whenever you need it most? That may be happening a lot less in the coming years as the FCC pushes forward a plan to turbocharge the wireless tech, giving it longer range and improving its capability to penetrate walls. The key: unused airwaves between TV channels.