wi-fi stories

London's iconic black taxis are something of a symbol of the country's buttoned-up image rooted in British history, but a new addition promises to make the low-key vehicles rolling hubs of innovation. The U.K. government has just given approval to a local company to equip the taxis with high-speed Wi-Fi, essentially giving the city mobile Internet cafes.
With touchscreen and text-to-speech rapidly taking over where handwriting left off, pens and pencils are slowly dying off as a means to log long notes. But for now, for short meeting notes and vital messages, writing remains our go-to method. Therefore, it only makes sense that, along with our smartphones, we now have a smartpen.
Listen up, kids: stay in school. Learn algebra. It may seem utterly useless, and 415.8 / x = 4.2 percent of the time, it is. But just wait until you're trying to play a game or stream a video over a terrible wireless connection, 'cause with the magic of algebra, you can boost your Wi-Fi speed by a factor of 10 or 20 or more.
Competition for the most interesting toaster is tight these days. They can look inexplicable — like a defibrillator. Or, they can entertain, like one that launches your toast onto your plate. We could go on, but instead here's a toaster concept that might actually do something useful: printing a disposable weather report on your morning slice.