virtual reality stories

The FlyVIZ headset may not make you stronger than a speeding bullet, or faster than a tall building, or able to leap locomotives in a single bound, but it will give you the superpower of being able to see all around you at once. What does this mean? You can dodge balls thrown at you from behind! Take that, evil Throwing-Balls-At-People-From-Behind Man!
Virtual reality was never able to rise above a gimmick. While the technology is used in some pretty impressive ways, one area where it's always appeared a perfect fit but never found any real purchase is powering video game worlds that are immersive like nothing else before them. Why? Well, that's hard to say. Maybe for as immersive as the environments were supposed to be, the graphics weren't there yet. Maybe the engines powering the games of yesteryear didn't have gameplay that was right for an on-your-face display. Or just maybe, you know, people don't really want to wear big bulky headsets while they play a game. Well, all those hurdles look like they can be cleared with today's technology, and several companies are working on VR for gaming in a major way. Here we present our 10 picks for video games perfectly suited for this emerging, quirky tech.
In a journalistic sphere that's prone to hyperbole, the term "game changer" is one we hear too damn often. Then again, the opportunity to play Doom 3: BFG Edition in a 3D VR headset doesn't come along terribly often. At Quakecon, that's exactly what we got to do. Sitting down with John Carmack, id Software's Co-Founder and Technical Director, is an experience in itself. Carmack is a living legend who is credited, along with his team at id, for making first person shooters a thing with Wolfenstein 3D. Even as he approaches his 42nd birthday, his aura is that of a whiz kid whose enthusiasm is unmatchable. At Quakecon, Carmack showed us an engineering prototype of the Oculus Rift, the wildly successful Kickstarter project started by Palmer Luckey and the rest of Oculus.