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A few months ago we showed you the next generation spacesuit NASA has been working on called the Z-1. Back then, we only had a peek at the prototype suit, but new photos have now emerged that make it clear that someone at NASA has a sense of humor, because this suit is definitely inspired by Toy Story.
Everything from big budget science fiction films to very real ancient texts have primed us for any number of doomsday scenarios promising to bring an end to civilization as we know it. But none have gained more traction in recent years than the Mayan calendar end-of-days prophecy. To address these concerns, NASA has released a new video in which the agency seeks to debunk any fears of a cosmic catastrophe.
Matt Brown is a Senior Design Engineer at Tesla and he made a beer dispenser with a prototype Model S door handle that some fool had tossed in the garbage. For shame. Luckily Matt repurposed it to create this car hack and we wanted to share it with all of our fellow Tesla (and/or beer) enthusiasts out there.
The obsession with all things Lego is something that transcends age and nationality, but no amount of Lego interest can replace visiting one of the theme parks dedicated to the iconic toy. Now one of those locations will offer another level of the Lego experience via a new hotel dedicated to its colorful aesthetic.
Texas native Scott Garner turned some vegetables into an instrument. That's right, in this delightful video you'll see a "BeetBox" making beautiful music. As you've probably guessed, it's a play on the term beatbox and real beets have an integral role in this DIY creation. What would Dwight Schrute think?
Spiders, especially the big ones, can be creepy, right? But what if there was such a thing as a giant, flying spider? Now what if that giant, flying spider had the intelligence of say, a low-level robot? That would be a nightmare, right? Well, friends, some nightmares come true. Introducing, the Hexapod Quadcopter.
Earlier this year we went hands-on with Leap Motion and its gesture interface that promises to bring the seemingly high-priced dream of Minority Report-style interfaces to the masses. We're still a few months from its official launch, but one developer has already come up with an amazing innovation on the technology called the AirHarp.
Maybe you want to record events with your iPhone without holding up your handset and looking like a hapless tourist. Or maybe your intentions are of the covert sort and you'd like to surreptitiously record video for classified reasons. Well, whether you're would-be spy or just easily embarrassed, now there's a solution that actually works.
Photographer and marine biologist, Octavio Aburto, was at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico researching a certain species of Jack fish when he happened upon this incredible sight. He hopes it will "bring attention to other successful marine reserves, especially in Latin America."