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The record industry has suffered its fair share of setbacks, most notably the disruption of the business due to digital music files. But many audiophiles and music purists continue to cherish their vinyl collections. For those old school souls, a new promotion offers a cool bit of innovation that allows you to create your own, playable records at home, out of ice.
Asia may be lagging a bit behind when it comes to developing the latest groundbreaking software, but the region still rules in the realm of amazing gadgetry with no discernable purpose. The latest in this line is creation called Touchy, a device that makes anyone a sort of human camera.
Although we have yet to perfect an artificial intelligence that can solidly pass the Turing Test, developers are nevertheless endeavoring to create humanoid robots that can mimic our physical attributes. A team from Switzerland aims to take this humanoid robot trend in an interesting new direction by creating a realistic robot boy.
Shake your head back and forth. Did you feel like you were making an absolutely insane looking expression? Probably not, but, as you'll see in this video (which would make a great screensaver), viewed in slow motion you would have — most likely, just for a moment — appeared rather silly.
Some of the coolest sci-fi medical scenes show an injured person being monitored via some sort of slick visual interface controlled by a handheld device. Now a new product brings us a huge step closer towards that reality by delivering a wearable health monitor that doctors can check from their smartphones.