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Blizzard's VP of Online Technologies, Robert Bridenbecker, has waded into the hot water of the PR pool to try and quell the negative response to the game developer's decision to make Diablo 3 online-only. He says the company is surprised over the furor, and dropped a surprise of his own: piracy apparently didn't influence the decision.
When it comes to games, we're pretty selective about what we write up here on DVICE. Usually, we stick to the hardware. That said, id Software — the company behind Doom and Quake — is known for pushing the technical limits of what video games have to offer, and when we were invited to check out the first two hours of Rage, we definitely jumped at the chance. What follows are our impressions of the game you'll be playing. Read: how it actually plays. We love going into a game fresh, surprises and all, and as such we're going to skip any plot details. Click on in to read all about how Rage handles — though bear in mind any of this can change between now and October, when the game is slated for release — and check out our gallery below to see some all-new screenshots of the game.
Harrison "Volpin" Krix has got the skills to pay the bills. We've highlighted quite a lot of his work here: a beautiful Portal gun from Valve's Portal series, a Daft Punk helmet that'll have you jealous for days all over again, and another sci-fi game gun, a laser rifle from Fallout 3. Let us dilly dally no longer — a gallery awaits!
Mark Hamill recently announced that his portrayal of the Joker in the upcoming Batman: Arkham City game will be the last time he'll play this signature role. Hamill's voice work in both animation and gaming is diverse and striking enough for some of us to ask, "Luke who?" We honor his limber larynx with a rundown of his best roles that aren't him playing the Joker, as that's obviously his best — and pretty much just the best ever.
Summer means big movies, popcorn, and superheroes. It also means those same heroes will be battling against virtual injustice in new video games bearing their names. There are several coming out this summer, but will any of them stand against the greatest superhero video games of all time? You'll have to find out on your own when you strap on your pixellated boots or polygoned capes and fight crime yourself.