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There can't possibly be anything more boring than life as a captive fish. Even if you have a sweet pad, the amount of stuff that you can spend your six seconds worth of brain power on is limited. In the interest of improving life for our finned friends (or something) researchers have now crafted video games for them. Violent ones.
In some parts of the world (we're looking at you, east Asia), video game competitions gather the same attention, accolades, and drama as traditional put-the-ball-in-the-hole sports. As another summer Olympics come to pass, some industry insiders are asking if video games will ever rise to the prominence of traditional, non-virtual sports.
Walking the floor at E3, you get to see, hear and play with the very latest that technology and gaming have to offer and it is friggin' spectacular. But sometimes we forget there was a simpler time — when video games were a delight not because of how fast or complex they were but simply because they were fun.
Aside from casual time-wasters such as Fruit Ninja and dancing around in Dance Central and Just Dance, there isn't much on Kinect that's fun to play. On a platform that's catering mostly to kids, the titles targeting the "core gamers" we've heard so much about this E3 tend to fall flat. Exhibit A: Kinect Star Wars. Lucky for us all, I found The Avengers: Battle For Earth at E3, a game I believe could be the Kinect game to own this year.
E3 is upon us once again. While the "Big Three" (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) prepare to blow our minds (or not) with whatever gaming news each has in store, we're going to jump the gun a little early with a list of our most-anticipated E3 games. With hundreds of games and gaming-related gear ready to be shown off in the confines of an expansive convention center, we think these are these titles are the ones that'll shine through. These are our most anticipated titles. Don't see one of yours? Let us know what you're most excited about in the comments below. We'll have more E3 news and coverage throughout the week, so stay tuned.