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With the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo had more at stake than Microsoft in terms of gaming console sales last week. Even so, the Xbox 360 radically outsold the Wii U in North America. While there's no arguing with raw numbers — 750,000 for the Xbox 360 and 400,000 for the Wii U — the bigger picture is a bit more complicated.
A Kickstarter that offers 30 games from noted indie creators for $15 is nothing to sneeze at, but that's not even the product that's being promoted. There's actually no product at all: this Kickstarter is pushing for the creation of a dedicated game space in Los Angeles. That begs the question, what is a game space?
Here's a decent idea: Nintendo is rolling out a barebones, $99.99 Wii Mini to pick up any stragglers who didn't buy one of the 97 million Wiis sold to date. Here's a bad idea: Nintendo may only release the Wii Mini in Canada in time for the holidays.
Tetris came out in 1984 in Russia and was introduced to the world soon after. Since then, tons of gorgeously complex games have been developed that we love, and yet Tetris is still engaging in spite of its relative simplicity. How has something so basic continued to hold our interest over the years?
The Delta Six is a gun controller that promises to make first-person shooters a whole lot more literal. Joining Kickstarter on Friday, the gun controller will be compatible with current consoles (sub the Wii U in for the Wii) and even the Ouya. An $89 pledge will net you your very own Delta Six.
Ah, October: the leaves are turning colors, there is a chill in the air and every now and again you get the feeling that there's someone staring at you from just beyond your field of view. Isn't it charming? Once a year we are given carte blanche to commune with the dead, to cast spells and to become the evil that we otherwise fear in the world. We let the fear in, let it dance around in our heads and give us nightmares. This year, we're digging up a few buried horrors for you, and we've called upon the spirit of the NES to conjure up some newer scares as well. From the sublimely terrifying to the ridiculous, here are 15 games full of 8-bit scares to fill your Octoberween. Click through the links to get in the spirit and play, purchase or download each of these retro scare-fests.