video chat stories

HDTV-based video telephony has always been a holy grail of sorts. It's such a natural milieu for video chatting — big screen to get a broad view of the whole fam damily and all that. But no TV-based video telephony system has been taken off, for one reason: You always had to buy two gadgets to attach to your HDTV to video telephonate, one for you and one for whomever you wanted to video telephonate with. What we want is to video telephonate as we do on our laptops and desktop PCs, with anyone anytime, regardless of the HDTV we own and regardless of the video telephony gadget we have connected to it (if any). Several recent developments — and a future trend too long in the unveiling — may expand this limited HDTV video telephony landscape and jump-start our (I believe) latent desire to WANT to video telephonate via our HDTVs.
When you were a kid, how often did you bother to thank your parents for making lunch for you? Ever? At the Interaction 2011 conference on March 10, a Japanese research group demonstrated this lunch box that records your mom or dad making lunch for you, and then records you enjoying it for them. Aww!