Verizon stories

Super-speedy 4G LTE networks are great for cellphones, but they're even better for real computers. After all, real computers can do more of the data-heavy downloading that can take advantage of the cable-modem speeds of LTE. Now, Verizon unveiled its first LTE hotspots that can offer up that speed via Wi-Fi.
Why should you be interested in this tablet as opposed to say, all the other tablets that are slowly flooding the market? Because this tablet isn't any regular tablet — it's the first real tablet that will take full advantage of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the next revision of Google's mobile OS.
We've all heard the rumors that the iPhone is heading to Verizon. In fact, many respectable sources have locked it down as confirmed. It's been kind of quiet for the iPad. Verizon just started selling Wi-Fi iPads in its stores, but what about a 3G model?