Verizon stories

By all accounts, making a phone call on the Verizon iPhone is a far better experience than doing so on AT&T's iPhone. Clearer and fewer dropped calls are the norm. But when it comes to data, Verizon isn't quite as good.
Finally. An iPhone from Verizon. An iPhone I can use on a real network. Unflappable. No dropped calls. No sluggish connections — hell, any connection in crowded metro areas. It's even got mobile hotspot capabilities. Great. Except for one thing. It's not an iPhone 4G running on Verizon's brand-new LTE autobahn. Therefore, the Verizon iPhone 4 sucks. I won't be buying one, and here's why you shouldn't either.
Over fours years in the making, the iPhone is officially touching base on Verizon. AT&T's chokehold in the U.S. for the most iconic smartphone ever created is over. Finito! Get ready for a carrier in the U.S. that will actually let iPhone users make calls that don't drop every few minutes. Millions of U.S. customers have been waiting for the iPhone to arrive on Verizon and today is their D-DAY. Hit the jump for the everything you need to know about the Verizon iPhone.