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As the Los Angeles Auto Show gets ready to open its doors next week they've given the public an advance look at their annual design challenge. This year's theme, chosen by the Design Los Angeles Board of Directors, tackles what kind of vehicle we might be seeing in our rear view mirrors in the future — namely the cop car.
Fifth grade teacher Morgan wanted to make his ride to work a bit more enjoyable. So, he decked out his scooter to look like R2-D2. He also outfitted the vintage luggage case in the back with Star Wars decals. Read on to get Morgan's take on his fun DIY project:
For those who travel a lot you know the one lonely bit of comfort you can control on a plane is the air vent above your seat. And by control, generally that means on or off. Someday soon however, you might feel greater comfort as researchers have been looking at ways to redesign seats to allow for individual climate control.