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You know, you'd think that ridable spider robots would be one-of-a-kind, yet here we are with our second ridable spider robot in just one month. Sure, the first one might look a bit more tough and intimidating than today's, but that's not what its all about.
Yachts are a popular way for extraordinarily rich people to rub how much richer they are than just regularly rich people into their faces. Costing tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, they're essentially mansions that float. But what do you do when you want to rub yacht owners' noses in your even greater wealth? You turn that yacht into a submarine, naturally.
This is what happens when you drop a 200 hp motorcycle engine into a vehicle the size of a go-kart. The Palatov Motorsport dp4 isn't street legal — its 1-inch ground clearance makes it suitable for a race track only — but this 103-inch-long vehicle is built for thrills rather than transportation. It gets you so close to the track you'll feel like you're going 500 mph.