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Some guys just need a hobby. Qu Zhibo from China's Sichuan Province is one of those guys — he's spent the last three years cobbling together a miniature vehicle that is dubbed a "knock off " Hummer. Amazingly he only spent about 4,000 yuan ($600 USD) to do it.
As much as we liked the Chevy Volt, it's only really efficient when it's running on electricity. When you kick the gas engine in as a middleman, it gets much less eco-friendly, but a new type of fuel cell is able to convert gas into electricity. And it's tiny.
Unless you drive a tank (in which case you should offer to give me rides to work), no matter how obsessive you are about your car there's always gonna be one thing that you have no control over: flat tires. We've been using air-filled tires for like 150 years and at times they totally blow, so isn't it time for something better? Bridgestone thinks so.