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Aerospace companies and NASA have been exploring lots of different ways to deal with sonic booms, and most of their designs are similar: long, skinny aircraft with pointy noses designed to "mitigate" the noise problem. Researchers at Tohoku University are trying a completely different and awesomely retro-futuristic idea: a supersonic biplane that eliminates sonic booms entirely.
The new Volvo V40 proudly offers the world's first production airbag designed not for you or your passengers, but for pedestrians. Now, when you smack into people with the temerity to think that they have the right of way on roads (roads are for cars!), it'll be a much more enjoyable experience for everyone concerned. Or at least, more enjoyable than the alternative.
Jay Dyer modified the sidecar of his 1961 Lambretta scooter to look exactly like a classic Volkswagen camper. Now he and his 11-year-old son Kaine can motor around England in style. You know you're jealous.