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E3 is an industry trade show centered around showcasing the very best video games that'll be coming out in the near future. That doesn't mean the show floor only has video game booths. There's also cars, cosplayers, giant replica mechs, and huge inflatable balloons — and Halo 4's upgraded Warthog vehicle that's just so…beautiful.
As Land Rover has become the ride of the gentry in recent years it could be hard to remember that this brand has its roots in being an adventurers ride. No more, thanks to a "Survival Guide" created as part of the owner's manuals distributed to purchasers in Dubai.
The only catch to buying this car, other than coming up with the scratch to pay for it, is you are going to have to want to break a record. This highly customized car — called Project Sea Lion — was created for the sole purpose of grabbing the amphibious land speed record. We doubt perspective owners will have a problem with that.
When this 2004 London taxi pulls up to the curb, you'll see the inside filled with state-of-the-art recording equipment instead of shopping bags and tourists. This unusual, fully functioning mobile recording unit was custom designed for outdoor events and small-space gigs in one of the rare British taxis made to U.S. standards.
E-bikes haven't enjoyed a great reputation, due in part to the fact that most of them look like would-be motorcycles for the less-than-brave, or training-wheels-evoking contraptions that scream "Yes, I'm out of shape." However, Audi's entry into this field aims to change all that.