vehicle stories

The hovercraft is one of the most unappreciated vehicles. You hardly hear about them. Although a hovercraft had a most badass role in Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx, it's never really had the curves to claim the sexy award. On second thought, this futuristic hovercraft concept does.
Designs for soapbox derby cars have been known to turn some heads, but none have caught and held our attention longer than this X-Wing Fighter. "The Papier Boy's" X-Wing doesn't just look amazing, but it also has a rotatable R2-D2 that's controlled by a re-wired NES controller. The Force is definitely strong with this fighter.
This week at the at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics in Shanghai, China, a bunch of Japanese researchers led by Yusuke Sugahara at Tohoku University showed off a prototype transport that hovers inches above the ground without maglev rails. To put it into geeky Star Wars speak: this is the Landspeeder you're looking for.