USB stories

In recent years, media experts have been predicting the death of paper as a means for transmitting information in business and amongst friends. But one company is determined to make sure that paper not only survives, but merges with USB technology in an innovative way that could give the medium a whole new lease on life.
Stupid, crazy USB peripherals just haven't been all that interesting since the USB Humping Dog hit the scene. That was the exact moment when USB junk just couldn't get more ridiculous. Well, Butta, Crisp, Tato and Ry Ry are here to say that the future of USB peripherals isn't about being ridiculous; it's about cute, clever design.
The best thing about USB is that it completely did away with a big tangled pile of proprietary data-and-power connectors that we used to have to rely on to power our gadgets. That was a huge step forward for humanity, but the scourge of proprietary connectors remains in th form of laptop power cords. The next generation of USB might take care of that, too.