uav stories

Aberporth is a Welsh city whose name doesn't come up terribly often in the tech press. That might change as a small civilian-owned airport transforms itself into a center for UAV (read: Drone) innovation.
It's been a long time coming, but the U.S. Congress just handed two orders to the Federal Aviation Administration: to upgrade its radar system to GPS and to open up manned airspace to unmanned drones. The latter is causing some concern, but both of these things, if done right, could mean some great things for aviation.
Sometimes the aftermath of a natural disaster is just as bad as the disaster itself, as the rescue teams on the ground can face a stiff challenge when it comes to communicating with the outside world and one another. Of course, our favorite problem solvers are here to help: tiny flying robots.
Unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent, allowing for our military to get views of areas from above without sending any humans into harm's way. But they're generally pretty passive, unable to pick stuff up. Not so with Yale's new Aerial Manipulator.