Twitter stories

Yesterday, Apple had on of the company's trademark self-lovefests, and if you were following DVICE on Twitter, you got all the news as it was happening (and not minutes after it was happening, which is what people who tuned into the "live" stream saw). One lucky reader got more than that, though.
Apple is having an event later today and we'll be tweeting the news live as it happens on our Twitter feed. The instant updates start happening at 1 p.m. Eastern, so just give us a follow and start refreshing like crazy once the action starts. As a bonus, we'll be giving away a prize to one lucky follower.
What if Twitter were invented in 60 years ago? Then you probably would have seen something like this vintage-style ad in Life or Esquire, touting the service a "virtual locality" and "notorious mechanism." The ad is part of a series that includes full-pagers on Facebook, Skype and YouTube. See them all in the gallery below.