Twitter stories

Whenever there's a big gadget announcement, we like to use the opportunity bring you breaking news via our Twitter feed… and to bestow some tech love on our readers. We held contests during the most recent Apple keynote as well as the reveal of the Nook Color. Now it's time to congratulate the winners.
Today at 4 p.m. Eastern, Barnes & Noble is holding an event, and we'll be live on the scene to bring you the news as it happens. For up-to-the-moment updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter and stand ready to refresh, refresh, refresh. Will we see a Nook Color? Almost certainly yes, but it's the details that count, and we'll have all of those.
Today Apple is holding its Back to the Mac event in San Francisco. Speculation, as usual, is rampant, and all eyes will be on Cupertino starting at 1 p.m. Eastern Time today. For up-to-the-minute updates, follow DVICE on Twitter, where we'll be posting updates as they happen. Better than that, we'll be giving away prizes to one lucky reader.
There's not a ton of info about this public Twitter booth available other than the fact that it's in Skolkova, Russia. But man, what a dumb idea. I don't think you need me to explain why putting a service made for cellphones into a booth that's just like the phone booths that cellphones have since killed off makes no sense. Oh, Russia! You so crazy!