Twitter stories

Fitness tracking devices are becoming increasingly popular with the Nike+ Fuel bracelet out in front in terms of style and design. Now for dedicated couch potatoes with a fascination for the device but no interest in working out, there's hack that lets you enjoy it without the sweat.
Twitter recently changed it's logo from a blue bird to a slightly different blue bird. Or something. That doesn't really matter. You know what does? The dark, dark secret that Twitter's innocuous little bird is hiding. This is the reason it drinks all day, throws lavish parties and acts a fool. This is the reason our streets are safe at night.
Many love to bash Twitter as a shallow mouthpiece for celebrities — its words fit for toilet paper. The advocacy group One is seeking to change the message of some tweets, and then print them on city streets using a "gigantic ink-jet printer on wheels." The goal is to get people talking about poverty and global hunger issues in advance of the upcoming G8 summit.