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Comcast just unveiled a new plan to bring live TV to the iPad, allowing you to watch TV as its airing on the tablet rather than just on-demand or downloaded video.
The 1980s were a crazy time. We elected a former B-movie actor to defend the free world, replaced Coke with a new version only to change our minds shortly thereafter, and found entertainment in the hijinks of a fuzzy brown puppet alien. It was also a time when computers and other formerly high-end electronics started to gain a foothold as standard household products. Of course, the promise of a Buck Rogers future world didn't quite live up to the hype — but don't tell that to the electronics marketing teams of the day. We've assembled the top gadget commercials from the 1980s* complete with all the adorable naiveté, synthesizer music, and graphic effects that decade of cheesy excess could muster. Enjoy! *For the point of this post, we're defining "the 80s," as the era between 1977 and 1990. Note: you won't be seeing that groundbreaking Ridley Scott-directed Apple commercial from 1984 as we were scoring on the basis of unintended irony, timeliness, and overall 1980s awesomeness.
It doesn't look like much, but this hunk o' circuitry could perpetrate one of the greatest gags ever: someone farts, the channel changes. According to its creator, it could be the "first flatulent operated remote control in the history of the world." How far we've come!
Intel is working on a new remote control for your television that would be able to tell who you are just by the way you hold it. It's not 100% accurate, though it uses motion sensors to log how you use it every 100 nanoseconds, and builds an ID out of that. That said, this is one remote that can be used for good and evil.
Hulu is awesome for users, but not so awesome for content producers, as it doesn't make all that much money. It certainly doesn't make enough money to pay for all those shows being made. The solution? A subscription service that...