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So Tron Legacy was a little underwhelming. That's what happens when a movie is so overhyped! It just can't live up to those heightened expectations. But you know what would have taken the movie to the next level? A Tron Cat.
Face it: you're never going to ride a lightcycle in the world of Tron. It's just never going to happen, as Tron is a movie and therefore not real. But what you can do is buy one of these sweet Tron Legacy official replica light bike suits and get as close as you'll ever come.
No need to wait for the release of the highly anticipated Tron Legacy movie in December — now you can turn science fiction into science fact with a street-legal Tron Legacy Lightcycle. Built from the exact specs of the movie props, there will only be five of these in existence, all lit up with LEDs and neon that will certainly be the envy of all the other motorcyclists.