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In recent months, the issue of using mobile devices during airplane flights and how such usage may (or may not) impact safety has become a topic of debate. Now it's been revealed that the head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is calling on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to relax its rules regarding mobile device use during flights.
There are some funky facts about our planet, and sometimes it takes a funky person to teach you to appreciate them. In this case it isn't exactly a person but a garden gnome named Kern. His mission is to explain why he weighs different amounts at his various stops around the world.
I can't travel the world. Thankfully, someone else can and documented it so I can catch all the highlights during my lunch break. Photographer Kien Lam spent 2011 visiting 17 different countries and snapping an amazing 6,237 photos, then edited them together for a quick time lapse journey around the world lasting 290 seconds.
The gift of something shiny and electronic hidden in a cool box is what most geeks dream of during the holidays, but some of us also realize that the best gift anyone can give us is a cool experience. If you think the target of your holiday cheer fits that bill, then you might want to pause before stepping into that electronics store and consider one of the following gift trips to the future instead.