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Kenji Ishida is the brains behind this incredible transforming robot. Brave Robotics released an earlier version back in June that shape-shifted from car to humanoid mode in about 14 seconds. Now, the Japanese company is back with some updates that you don't want to miss.
This video of a pint-sized version of a Transformer exceeded my expectation. Up until now, we've seen giant statues made out of junk, or some spectacular toys that look good but can't do much without help from their humans. This car not only transforms into a robot with appealing ease, but it comes out swinging, too.
Filled with memories of Japan-mania, video games and the rise of manga and anime outside of Asia, the 1980s truly were a time for nurturing geeks. Most importantly, the '80s birthed the NES, Game Boy and The Transformers — all significant to my childhood geekdom. That's probably why we're overcome with nostalgia over this kick-ass Game Boy transformer made out of Lego with matching transforming Tetris game cartridge. It's a hell of an homage to the classics.