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There are some new stack and lock bricks on the scene. Lego bricks are classic toys, but there's no denying these re-envisioned "Earth Blocks," made partially from recycled materials — coffee beans, cedar sawdust and cedar bark — are a fantastic idea.
Nowhere does there exist such a disparity in function as there does between the different kids of smartphone apps. They can be used to save your buns from driving too drunk, and now they can be used to shoot people. Of course. Laser tag for our post-laser age, the Xappr or Micro-Zappr Gun can attach to your smartphone and turn any place into a battlefield, at any time.
The notion I find most seductive when it comes to 3D printing is its parallels to digital distribution. If I want something, I can find it on the Internet and zap it right into the home — my 3D printer will whip it up. We're not there yet, but we've got a little peek of that future through MakerBot Playsets.
The Large Hadron Collider is like the supermodel of physics — larger than life and photographed a million times. Many people aren't exactly sure what its for and it's always upstaging the other science news. It's no surprise that a device with that much personality has become iconic enough to inspire a Lego homage.