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Former toymaker and Action Figure Insider blogger Jason Geyer dropped a whole slew of failed concepts for Star Wars toys pitched to various companies. I don't know what's crazier, that some of these toy concepts got rejected or that, considering the expansive Star Wars toy empire, it hasn't all been done.
This is the story of a patient and passionate man. Known only as "Joe from Saskatchewan, Canada," he wasn't just content to collect and play with remote control vehicles, he's put them to work excavating his basement for the last seven years.
Throw away that dusty Magic 8-Ball. All your key decisions can now be made with a new toy operating on the theory behind an experiment in quantum mechanics. I should point out before we continue there is no real dead cat involved with the toy, just the theory behind it. It's fun! I promise.
If your parents ever yelled at you to get out of the house to get some exercise (or if your own conscience bugs you about it) but you didn't want to stop playing Call of Duty or Halo, Hasbro has a compromise: Lazer Tag, which mixes first shooting video game play with the real world. Update at the bottom of this post.