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It may be awhile before those sinister robotic drones become affordable for the rest of us, but in the meantime we can practice with other, slightly menacing remote-controlled floating devices. The Space Ball is just such a device, allowing you to control a tiny flying Death Star of your own.
If you're sick of your kid borrowing your iPad or Galaxy Note whenever they want to do some kiddie stuff, perhaps it's time to get them their own tablet. Toys"R"Us has recognized this opening, and has introduced the Tabeo just for the younger set.
The more we understand the fundamentals of electronics, the easier it becomes to marry their myriad functions into imaginative designs. A Japanese tinkerer took this notion to the extreme with a construction kit that makes creating gadgets both a game and an art project in one.
Stupid, crazy USB peripherals just haven't been all that interesting since the USB Humping Dog hit the scene. That was the exact moment when USB junk just couldn't get more ridiculous. Well, Butta, Crisp, Tato and Ry Ry are here to say that the future of USB peripherals isn't about being ridiculous; it's about cute, clever design.
If you took a look at Nerf's 2012 blaster lineup and felt it was a step back from last year's bold new disc-based Vortex guns, I'm right there with you. Hasbro's back to redeem itself before the summer is over with the Vortex Pyragon — a pump-action blaster that's capable of firing 40 discs in succession from its drum. Get ready for disc-ageddon!