time travel stories

Have you watched the news lately? It's all war, calamity, and recession out there. Yes, things are rather bleak at this particular point in history. If only there was some way we could travel back to the past so as to avoid all these messes — or failing that, just cut our losses and jump forward to a future time when our descendents will have fixed everything with all their space ray guns and future doohickey whatnots. If only. Well, as it turns out, lots of people are actively working towards the dream of expanding the one-way street of time into a multi-lane superhighway! Of course, many of these time pioneers are completely whackadoodle. But within the temporal engineering profession, you can also find accomplished researchers pursuing serious, science-based approaches to time travel. Yesterday, we looked at various time travel theories inspired by science fiction. Here, we highlight three of these proposed methods of temporal manipulation that aren't only attracting serious consideration, but might be available sooner than you think.
When Chinese scientists recently declared that time travel is impossible, it really got my flux capacitor in a twist. Call me old fashioned, but I believe that all of our science fiction dreams can come true one day, from sonic screwdrivers to warp drives. After reading the article, we at DVICE — and many of you, no doubt — concluded that the test results do not eliminate all of the methods for time travel that science fiction has given us. With respect to those scientists, and in support of the farsightedness of people such as H.G. Wells and his book, The Time Machine, we present you five time travel methods that the Chinese experiment does not de-bunk.