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Throw away that dusty Magic 8-Ball. All your key decisions can now be made with a new toy operating on the theory behind an experiment in quantum mechanics. I should point out before we continue there is no real dead cat involved with the toy, just the theory behind it. It's fun! I promise.
Hold onto your chairs, folks, because it's April 1 and everything you see on the Internet today will be a damn lie. In some cases — as it is with ThinkGeek every year — that lie is admittedly awesome. Take the above Angry Birds pork rinds for instance (complete with awesome vid over on ThinkGeek). Now you can enjoy those snorty-laughing pigs as the spoils of war. That's only the tip of the iceberg, though — we've collected our favorite ThinkGeek gags down below.
It's a classic scene from the original Star Wars trilogy: Chewbacca carries around a busted-up C-3PO on his back, with the whiny robot chattering away the whole time. And now you can relive that magic whenever you want, just with...