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DARPA is funding the research of miniature cameras and microphones that could be mounted like backpacks on beetles-turned-spies. That's not even the best part — the sensors will be powered by an insect's own wing movements, meaning fully independent insects able to explore the world's most dangerous places.
We write about a lot of technologies around here that are little more than a glimmer in some mad scientist's eye, and it's usually going to be a while before you can go out and buy them. In between those two points, though, everything new has to undergo a "hype cycle," which ranges from wild excitement, to disillusionment, to (finally) productivity.
In 1996, I was in middle school. We had Prodigy at home, I'd just opened my first Hotmail account, and I signed up for AIM with a ludicrous username that I'm stuck with to this day. This Best Buy ad from way back then with 133 MHz computers, multiple megabytes of ram, and The Macarena on VHS (!) is a nightmarish reminder of how important tech really is.