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Sony's Tablet S is refreshing for two reasons: 1) it doesn't look like an iPad and 2) it has a unique asymmetric "curl" to one side that makes it feel like you're holding a folded magazine. What's more, Sony's mobile division has taken all of the feedback from last year's tablet and channeled them into creating the gorgeous Xperia Tablet S, a tablet it hopes will rule the living room.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 officially goes on sale August 16 in the U.S. (that's today), and with it comes the return of the stylus in the S Pen. The Note 10.1 is not a iPad killer; it's an iPad alternative and it's being targeted at people interested in creating content — most notably design-heavy content — that Apple once aggressively catered to. There's a lot like and a lot to dislike about the Note 10.1. Read on for our hands-on with Samsung's latest tablet.
Now that the smoke has settled and we've all had a chance to take in Microsoft's sudden Surface tablet announcement, we need to ask ourselves, can the Surface live up to its hype? Here's three things Microsoft needs to get right if it wants the Surface to have any chance of success at disrupting the iPad and Android-dominated tablet market.
Much praise has been heaped on Windows 8 tablets for being a different experience than iOS and Android, but there is still no poster child tablet to rally up consumers. New speculation suggests that Microsoft could unveil its very own flagship tablet to lead the Windows 8 charge next Monday.
Samsung's never been shy about releasing tablets and smartphones in a bajillion different screen sizes. The new Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (henceforth called the GT2-7.0) is the successor to the original Galaxy Tab released in 2010. The GT2-7.0 isn't going to make waves as any iPad slayer as the original did (remember, the original Tab was the first major Android tablet released). The GT2-7.0 is an evolutionary product — thinner, lighter and faster — with a killer price — $250 with no contracts in sight.