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The age of touchscreen tablets has been hailed as the beginning of an exciting new phase of computing, redefining our relationships with our gadgets. But this view tends to ignore the disabled, who may not have the ability to use a finger to swipe on the latest iPhone app. Now a new tablet accessory offers a solution for children who need a little extra help to access the world of touchscreens.
As Internet-only news sites continue to navigate the ever changing landscape of digital content, old-school players transitioning from paper have been experimenting with new models. Now the most recent high profile experiment, a tablet-only news project from the publishers of the Wall Street Journal, supported by Apple, has come to an end.
The tablet market has become crowded with dozens of devices looking to knock the iPad off its perch. So it's only natural that crazy promotions start appearing to promote some of these products, but every once in a while crazy equals awesome, as is the case with the Toshiba TabletMan.