t-mobile stories

Ooh, isn't T-Mobile clever? The company's new MyTouch 4G "piggyback" commercial mocks and borrows the stark white gestalt of Apple's now defunct Justin Long/John Hodgeman "I'm a Mac" commercials. It uses a pretty young thing representing the MyTouch 4G to sympathize with a guy carrying a bigger guy on his back — that's the iPhone saddled with AT&T's over-burdened 3G network. Poor iPhone. T-Mobile's answer, of course, is her, the MyTouch 4G, and its 4G network, which the company hawks as "America's largest 4G network." There's just one problem. T-Mobile's network isn't 4G.
Between your average utilitarian cellphone and the smartphone, there's a niche market that caters to a younger, social networking crowd. That niche is blowing up right now, spearheaded by the likes of Microsoft's Kin. T-Mobile and Samsung are dropping three more of these phones on consumers: Gravity 3, Gravity T and one simply called the :).