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The engine of Hollywood is currently cranking out superhero movies and television shows that promise to bring nearly every childhood comicbook icon from the last 30 years into real life. As a long time comic addict, I can say with all honestly that I never ever thought I would see that day that I had a choice of seeing an X-Men, Thor, and Green Lantern movie all in the same month. There is something special about this time in movies. Reawakening all those childhood memories also has many of us asking that same old question again: "What if?" We can't have super powers, but what if we could use the most iconic superhero weapons ever conceived, in real life situations? What weapons would you choose? Surely you could do better than Rainn Wilson's (Dwight Schrute from The Office) wrench in the recent movie Super. So, if you were trained and otherwise tech-enabled, what would be in your real life superhero arsenal? Rounding out our Superhero Week here on DVICE, here's a list of some of the most badass instruments of justice that you might want to consider before donning your cape and cowl.
Superhero Week is in full swing here at DVICE, with Syfy's new show, Alphas, premiering in just a few days. Now, we all know that superheroes are great and stuff, but if comics have taught us anything, it's that you never know when one of them is going to suffer some sort of existential crisis, alien psionic control, or other comic book plot device and suddenly turn all evil on you. With that in mind, we've put together this handy how-to guide on technologies that you can use to give your favorite superheroes a seriously bad day.
Summer means big movies, popcorn, and superheroes. It also means those same heroes will be battling against virtual injustice in new video games bearing their names. There are several coming out this summer, but will any of them stand against the greatest superhero video games of all time? You'll have to find out on your own when you strap on your pixellated boots or polygoned capes and fight crime yourself.
When you're a self-made superhero like Bruce Wayne's alter ego, Batman, fighting crime is tough without any real super powers. In fact, if Wayne wasn't such a super rich billionaire playboy with boatloads of money to spare investing and building high-tech gadgetry, he'd be pretty dead trying to fight off Gotham's sinister baddies. In honor of DVICE's "Superhero Week" ahead of the premiere of Syfy's new show, Alphas, we've hopped in a time machine to revisit what we think are 14 of Batman's greatest Batmobiles of all times. Follow us through as we celebrate the Dark Knight's sweet rides from the last 70 years.
Short on the kind of radioactive spiders and science-experiments-gone-wrong that help make your usual superhero, well, super, us everyday kind of folk have to come up with our own solutions. You know what? Those solutions aren't hurting for a pen and paper, either — we've still got plenty of flame-throwin', claw-sniktin' and flashy full-body armor, and without all the fuss and muss of being a mutant or some flying, caped alien. Coming at'cha after the long weekend, today kicks off "Superhero Week" on DVICE, brought to you by Syfy's upcoming show, Alphas. What can you expect? Well, we're not going to take our mask off just yet, but awesome art from one Mr. Joshua Ellingson like you see above, and sweet, sweet superhero goodness like you see below, from today until next Monday. So, come, step on into our Batcave by clicking on any image in the gallery.