subways stories

Ah, you've got to love that new subway smell. Or, at least, the lack on an old subway smell. Seen here is the Almaty Metro in Kazakhstan, which is currently being hailed as the youngest metro in the world. Since it was completed in December, we're guessing it still is, and boy is it fancy.
You have to love BMW's design group. The company already has the goods when it comes to crafting cars, but its DesignworksUSA never ceases to amaze when it tackles other projects, too. Just take a look at the Inspiro, a train for Poland that's modern in more than just its looks.
This surreal shot was taken in transit on the Toronto rail system. To capture this image, the photographer stood in the first subway car, pressing his camera against the glass. As the train barreled forward, it created a really cool vortex effect.